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Hi, intrepid traveler. It's pretty dead 'round these here parts. If you're looking for my fanfic, you'll have better luck on AO3 or Dreamwidth. Otherwise, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or Tumblr.

Watch out for those bridges. I hear there are trolls over yonder horizon.
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Not going to bother checking my flist anymore, especially since F!S has jumped ships. I'm on Dreamwidth, Tumblr, Archive of Our Own, and Twitter - hope to meet up again with you lovelies somewhere out there.
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A thing I did not know but discovered today while working on the spreadsheet: Colleen Doran, Cynthia Martin, and Ann Nocenti all worked on Amazing Spidey in the late eighties.

Arrrrrgh so this month I'm going for a medal in RESPONSIBILITY. Trying to get on board with the Unfuck Your Habitat thing by picking one area a day to unfuck; I started today with the bathtub. I'm also going to try to finish 750 Words every day this month. That one's inspired by [personal profile] odyle, who passed her two hundredth consecutive day recently. Snaps for her!

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Today was one of those days that it was generally good to be a human being, despite some expected anxiety regarding human interaction. Got my hands on a return of The Muppets that wasn't already on hold for someone else! Went to the grocery store and purchased goods with money I earned! Started a really excellent book! (Thanks, [personal profile] odyle!)

I also started the second volume of Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl, and I'm seeing why everyone raves about it. It'd be helpful if I had someone to follow me around and explain DC, though. At least the crises. They are indeed infinite in number.

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I am so, so tired of action heroines in movies and comics fighting in high heels, aarrrrgh. Listen, I have nothing against heels; put a character like Pepper Potts in heels and sure, that works for me. Lampshade the issue, like Greg Rucka does in Batwoman: Elegy, and I can handwave the problem. Have the woman take off her heels before going into battle (Natasha in Winter Soldier) - particularly if she's indestructible! (Wonder Woman in her animated film) - and I might even cheer. Better yet, put her in flats. Boots, even! I have no trouble believing a woman can fly, but expecting me to believe that any hero would choose to fight in stilettos is too much.

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Title: Live Kree or Die
Characters: Carol/Jessica, F!Tony/Steve
Summary: Baby cages. They're a real thing. Do you doubt the spectacular Spider-Woman?
Notes: As of last week, I have held a baby, so I'm pretty qualified to write this thing. Sequel to Clint Barton, Boy Detective. Title by Kurt Busiek, ringtone by Nerf Herder, panel courtesy of New Avengers Vol. 1.

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Listening to the latest "3 Chicks Review Comics" podcast and Kelly Sue DeConnick is talking about how she'd been pitching a Ms. Marvel book since May of 2010. Apparently her editor called her up and said, "Well the bad news is that you're not going to be writing Ms. Marvel"--(at this point she makes excited noises)--"because you're going to be writing Captain Marvel!" And she talks about Monica Rambeau and then I died.

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On a scale of yearning from one to one hundred, where forty is a Gambit movie, sixty is a Cable and Deadpool movie, ninety is the rights for Spider-Man reverting to Marvel Studios, and three hundred is a Captain America / Iron Man Wedding Spectacular miniseries, my desperation for a Carol Danvers film is approximately nine thousand.

Via DC Women Kicking Ass: Quesada reports that the script for a Ms. Marvel movie is ready to go.

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Title: Clint Barton, Boy Detective
Characters: Clint/Natasha, F!Tony/Steve, awesome cameo by Captain Marvel
Summary: The Avengers are getting a team pet.
Notes: I am so sorry.

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And now, the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail in their rendition of: some Avengers meta.

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I am so worried that Zuko will have a beard. Like, I woke up in the middle of the night, and I was thinking, Please, don't let Zuko have facial hair like Ozai. Why the hell does this concern me! ? I just don't want him to have a beard like that! It would be weird!

Possibly maybe it's an excuse to put off watching the latest LoK episode, because I hear it has HEARTBROKEN KORRA, and I don't think I can deal with HEARTBROKEN KORRA.

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Please let's not talk about how I tore through ten volumes of Black Bird in two days. Instead!

I'm so behind at answering comments.

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Over the past few days I've had a lot of movies I didn't watch pop up on Netflix under "Recently Watched." PUZZLING. First thought it was an error, then that someone had my password. When it kept happening after I changed my pw, I called Netflix customer service...and it turns out that the Wii I resold, although apparently wiped of all other data, had retained its link to my account. *shakes fist* NINTENDO !!!

But goodness that was the best customer service experience I have had EVER.

(I was sort of tipped off that someone else was using my service because although I could almost, almost see myself entering some kind of television-induced fugue state, I doubt I would only watch westerns and war documentaries when Marvel just put up all the Ultimate Avengers movies. My amnesiac self would never do that, probably!)

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Have a turtleduck!

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See, at first I though I was only interested in one plotline in this series. "Emma's pretty cool," I said to myself, and then Robert Carlyle's face, but I was still aggressively disinterested in the Snow White plot, but then somehow she started running around shooting people and got interesting, and then Ruby. What is this show.

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO a list for you, dear showrunners!

Please consider including:
  1. A sword and a suit of armor for Emma.
  2. More of Belle, who is brave and ought to be a librarian.
  3. More of Robert Carlyle's face, preferably contorting into as many expressions as possible.
  4. More Whedon alumni, or at least more of Amy Acker.
  5. A suit of armor and a sword for Emma.
  6. Ruby and Emma's wedding. To each other. As in, Ruby and Emma getting married.
Bonus round:
  1. Charming teaching Emma how to use a sword.
  2. Henry and Emma continuing to bond. (How is this kid not obnoxious? Whatever you're doing, keep it up.)
  3. More of Robert Carlyle's face interacting with Belle.
  4. A better ending for Mass Effect 3.

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And then, after six thousand fervent wishes, Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel.


Better yet, the new series is being written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, and while I've not read her Norman Osborn mini, she wrote a fantastic one-shot about Sif a couple of years ago. She and costume designer Jamie McKelvie have started by putting Carol in a new costume that covers her from neck to toe, and while I did find the old red sash terribly dashing, I have to say that they're starting off on the right foot.

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Mar. 17th, 2012 08:04 pm
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Anyone available to beta part two of a Mass Effect story? Shepard/Garrus, 5400 words, could use as many critical eyes as possible.

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IMPORTANT HEADCANON QUESTION: Does Shepard have a college degree?

The Yes Argument: Most commissioned officers are required to have a college education. I could see her managing to graduate before she turned eighteen, especially since whatever her background, she probably wasn't in a position to be schooled in a formal institution. (If this is the case, would she enlist at 18 and later be commissioned, or would they initially commission her at a higher rank? Maybe enlisting was her only way in.) I could also see an argument made that she attended some kind of Systems Alliance Naval Academy, earning the same general Bachelor of Science as most military university graduates.

The No Argument: No matter what background, Shepard's profile explicitly uses the term "enlist." Very, very rarely, enlisted personnel are commissioned based on excellent performance. The game makes no reference to Shepard attending any university.

Right now I'm leaning toward the "graduated by 18" explanation, which makes the most sense for spacer/colonist Shepard. This would be so much easier if I knew more about military life.

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So I finished Mass Effect 3 today after four hours of sleep and spoilers! )

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Any recommendations for image hosting services? I've somehow gone over my allotted bandwidth on Photobucket, and LJ is out - my paid account expires in a matter of days, and I don't plan on renewing it. I've heard about Imgur and Flickr but have very little experience with either.


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